Our Story

光シティ教会の馬越牧(うまこし まき)  と言います。私は牧師になる前は東京の会社に勤めていました。昔から働きたいと思っていた職種でのやりがいのある仕事でした。この時期、週末に東京の母教会で子供向けのメッセージをする機会がありました。その中で、自分の中にある、聖書を語る情熱に気がつかされました。徐々にお金を稼ぐということよりも、神様のためにメッセージを語りたいという心が膨らんできました。



Before I became a pastor, I was a workaholic.  I had high aspirations for becoming “successful” in the world. Around this time, I don’t remember how it happened, but I found myself teaching to the kids in my home church. As was teaching these kids, God started to stir my heart. I gradually began to discover my passion for preaching God’s word. I was no longer interested in building wealth on this earth, but God gave me the desire to serve Him to build His kingdom!

During this time, I met Sunhee, my wife. Sunhee is from South Korea, but from young age, she always had an interest in Japan. She learned the Japanese language by watching hundreds of Japanese TV shows! Little did she know, that God was preparing her for the future! After we got married in 2013, we moved to Seoul so that I can study at a seminary. In summer of 2014, Reika was born!

God has been stirring our hearts to be church planters! We strongly believe that Japan needs more churches! Not old churches, but new churches with fresh vision. As we prayed for opportunities, God gave us the heart to serve the people in Detroit. Through miracles that cannot be explained, God sent us to Michigan in February of 2020, just few weeks before covid went out of control. You can’t make this up! What a life that we get to experience when we follow the footsteps of Christ.